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Why can't I choose a specific item?

CPAR is a small charity, but the needs we serve are great. We have been committed to delivering the items purchased by our supporters over the years, but we found ourselves in the procurement business, rather than the health delivery business. Rest assured that whatever area you support, your gift will support our mission: to put health and hope in the hands of those who need it most!

Can I choose more than one gift?

Yes! At the very bottom of our secure giving site is the spot to choose which areas you would like to support! CPAR projects change from time to time, but our commitment to improving the health outcomes of the people we serve does not waiver.

Can I get a card to send to my recipients?

Yes! After you choose your gift, please indicate if you would like a digital or paper card to be sent to you to share with your recipient. Please allow time for physical cards to arrive in the mail.

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