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Give the Gift of Health
this Holiday Season

As a physician-founded organization, we're dedicated to ensuring healthy outcomes for the people we serve in Malawi, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Because Health is a gift that lasts . . .


The Gift of Healthy
Mothers & Babies

Moms-to-be need care before, during and after childbirth. Using telehealth technology, CPAR is bringing lifesaving ultrasounds to women in rural Ethiopia. Help us ensure that healthy moms deliver healthy babies.

ETH - BSG FSEG - Guba - PD Hearth - IMG_5212.jpg

The Gift of Nutritious Food

Your support will keep our school gardens growing! Eleven schools in Malawi are enjoying homegrown fruits and vegetables, but 31 more schools are waiting to learn and grow.


The Gift of Empowering Girls

Young women and girls are learning how to protect themselves from gender-based violence, child marriage and harmful traditional practices. Youth educators are arming their peers with knowledge and supporting them with love. Your support is a gift of empowerment for youth.

MAL Lilongwe Water.jpg

The Gift of Clean Safe Water

Help bring clean, safe water and hygiene to rural schools, so more students stay healthy and learning in school.


The Gift of Dignity

Many women in rural Africa experience devastating birth injuries and suffer long-term complications and isolation, unaware that treatment is available. Your support will give women access to surgical care and their dignity restored.


The Gift of Women’s Health Care

You can help train more healthcare professionals to deliver women’s healthcare in rural communities. From prenatal care to treating victims of sexual violence, your support ensures more women receive the care they deserve.


The Gift of a Greener Future

You can help plant trees and nurture the next generation of climate change leaders. School children in Malawi have planted fruit and shade trees to enhance nutrition, provide relief from the heat and preserve the soil, but more schools await.

MAL Lilongwe MBH tree seedlings seigal (12).jpg

The Gift of Community Agriculture

Your support fosters community engagement, youth leadership and shared learning in conservation agriculture that is changing the landscape of rural Africa.

The Gift of Education

Your support provides reusable menstrual hygiene products/solutions and the support girls need in their communities so they can stay in school and complete their education.

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The Gift of Health

A gift of health supports the breadth of CPAR’s work in Malawi, Ethiopia, and Tanzania – allowing us to meet the greatest needs impacting vulnerable populations and the health systems that serve them. Your support puts health and hope in the hands of those who need it most.

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Who We Are and What We Do

Founded in 1984 by a group of Canadian physicians, CPAR has worked to improve the health outcomes of the people in rural Malawi, Tanzania and Ethiopia by supporting and strengthening health systems, and delivering on programs which promote health, hygiene, nutrition and public health,

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